Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Slacker:)

I guess since we've been married a whole year now it's time to update our blog! We have had a blast this past year but there's no way I'm gonna blog all of it so I'll start from the beginning and do the best I can:)
We have been on two cruises this year! We went on the Eastern Caribbean for our Honey Moon and three months later my work took us on the Western Caribbean.. Cruising is definitely our favorite vacation:) We liked the stops on the Western Caribbean better than the Eastern cuz there was a lot more to see. On the Western we went to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico.. The Eastern stopped in Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands-(St. Thomas and St. Martin). We got to swim with wild sting rays, climb a water fall, and go snorkeling! Cruises are the way to go!
BRIDALS:)My photographer was awesome...She decided she wanted to take some of me with JD's horse- probably something you don't want to try with a wedding dress on! By the end the horse was grumpy and both of my sleeves had almost completely torn off!
Our wedding day:) It was so cold and we had to take so many pics but my sweet husband didn't complain one time!